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Recommendations for IR to RF conversion and for IR extenders?


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I have two things I need hardware recommendations for:

1) Is there any way to control the TV2 output of a DISH VIP722 receiver (normally controlled by RF)? I have tried to find IR to RF solutions but dont really see any that will work. Have any dealers encountered this?

2) I need an IR blaster as part of a non-C4 system so that my in-laws can just point the remote at the TV (where the IR bud will be) and have it control things in the media cabinet. Are all the same or does anyone recommend one in particular?

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Regarding question 1

I have not found an elegant solution to the problem you have described. (I encourage my clients to not use the 2nd tv out)

I know this is not what you want to hear, and maybe someothers have better solutions.

Quetion 2

I am confused by your terminology, so I am taking a shot in the dark here.

If I was a DIYer and wanted to do a non c4 solution I would not use a "blaster"

I would use a product like this


also, since I am tired I did not price shop for you so you may want to shop around

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