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Yale door lock -- long time delay when lock status changes

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Newbie here...  I'm trying some basic programming in Composer HE and looking for help with my Yale front door lock.

The dealer installed the Yale driver and it works fine ... the C4 app shows the lock's current state, and it allows me to lock or unlock it.  So far so good...

Then I created the simplest of programs:  "When Front Door unlocks, turn on the front hall lights".  The light turns on as expected if I unlock the door using the C4 app.  But if I unlock the door with the actual keypad on the lock, or with the Yale app, Control 4 continues to show the lock status as "locked" for 4 to 5 minutes after it has been unlocked.  When it finally updates to "unlocked" status, the front hall light turns on.  So it doesn't appear there is any problem with the program logic -- the issue is the long delay before C4 becomes aware of the unlocking event. 

Anyone know if there's something I can change that would allow this to work within a few seconds of unlocking the door?


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Thanks msgreenf for your comments.

Doing some more digging I found the C4 driver is from "Cinegration LLC", yale_gateway_cin.c4z, version 20231003.    A search with that info led me here:  Platforms :: Control4 Drivers :: Security :: August Smart Lock (drivercentral.io)

In the "Extended reviews" section on that page a user in 2022 mentioned "control4 reports the lock is still locked but in the yale access app it shows it's actually unlocked", and there is a response from the developer "we have seen this lag in testing" and that they had no current fix for it.   So it looks like this isn't going to work with this lock.  I think I'll get the dealer to remove the driver from Control4 because the only reason I asked them to add it was to be able to trigger automations based on lock status.   

One open question is whether this lock can be converted to Zigbee or Z-Wave, and whether that would enable immediate updates in Control4?  The Emtek lock is nearly identical to the Yale-branded locks that offer Zigbee and Z-Wave modules.  But I haven't found anything on the Emtek or Yale website or through Google to confirm if one of those Yale modules could be activated in my Emtek lock.   I suspect not, otherwise someone would have posted a Youtube how-to by now! 

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1 minute ago, msgreenf said:

Does the Emtek locks support the smart home cards?

The Emtek lock uses a Yale-branded smart module that is physically the same as the modules you see here:  Smart Modules - Yale Home (shopyalehome.com)     And the Emtek instructions for registering the module, and for operating the lock are identical to the instructions for the Yale-branded version of my lock.   So I think it's safe to assume that a Yale zigbee or Z-wave module would "fit" into my Emtek lock, but since my lock's model number is not listed in the "Compatibility" list for those modules, it is unclear whether the software would allow the module to be activated in my lock.   The easiest solution would be for me to simply buy the Yale-branded version of my lock, but the Yale keypad is a slightly different shape than the Emtek, so I'd end up having to repaint my front door!

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It is tempting to drop $70 on eBay and try out one of the Yale modules, BUT after realizing this morning that my original approach wasn't working I changed gears and found a workaround.  Rather than use Control4 programming, I activated the Yale skill in Alexa, and created an Alexa routine that tells Control4 to turn on the front hall lights.  This setup works within 2 to 4 seconds of unlocking the door.  So problem solved for now.   Appreciate your input msgreenf!  

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