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QNAP TS-509Pro NAS w/5x1TB Seagate Drives


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QNAP TS-509 Pro NAS with 5 x 1TB Seagate Disks.

I bought this NAS and used it for about 1 month so it is pretty much brand new. I upgraded to the TS-809 Pro so i could bump up to 8 disks.

I've used a number of NAS's and in my opinion QNAP leads the pack, they are easy to use, excellent user interface, and high performance.

I use my QNAP to stream BlueRay .ISO's across my network and to store audio files that i access from my C4 system...This unit does an excellent job!

I'm asking $1049.00, shipping is included in the cost to a US buyer.


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no disrespect intended, but is this the same model that sells on newegg.com for $899? Am I missing something about your model?

I am wondering if the unit at newegg has any hard drives in it. Several of the reviews state that it has no hard drives. All the reviews I have read state that it has 0 drives installed.

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