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Anybody here adept at ALSA sound config for Linux (asoundrc.conf)


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I am trying my best to figure out if it is possible for Ubuntu using ALSA for sound configuration to output simultaneously digital PCM/AC3 audio to SPDIF and analog audio to Line Out. From what I have read it seems like it may be possible but requires a pretty good understanding of how to write the ALSA configuration file. So far the closest I have found from others is doing passthrough digital audio to SPDIF (but no simultaneous analog) along with simultaneous analog audio to both. If you dont do passthrough and configure the asoundrc.conf file directly for digital and analog sources I think it is possible to get both playing via both outputs. I figure with all of the programmers here maybe someone understands this better than I do.

The thread and post #10 here give a good starting point:


Here is more detailed info on how to set up asoundrc:


Basically what needs to be done in asoundrc is this:

If audio source is analog, output to SPDIF and line out (this I believe is relatively easy, many people have done it)

If audio source is digital, dupe the output with first one going to SPDIF, second one getting downmixed and going to analog.

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