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Composer locks up when programming one light to control another

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In my theater I have main sconce lights and some rope lights for the steps. The rope lights are plugged into a Control4 wireless outlet and the sconces are a Control4 dimmer.

I wanted to have the sconce button also turn on the rope lights, so I thought, "Easy -- I'll just program a double-tap to ramp up both." I did that but as soon as I do, Composer stops responding and have force it closed. Reopen it and it locks up again as soon as I go back tot the double-tap script. Thus I can't even delete it.

I reloaded from a back up and tried to just ramp the rope lights when the top button is pushed. Same problem.

Windows is okay -- it's just Composer that locks up.

Any ideas?

Edit: Everything is okay until the moment I select that one script action. Then it freezes. I can click around and do anything else including programming until that moment. That script is merely:

When Theater -> Sconces Light top button is pushed

Ramp to Level 100 on the Theater->Rope Light over 2 Seconds

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Another detail....

It's not just what I was trying to add. Clicking the triple-tap, I see there's action there. I don't remember adding that one; perhaps my dealer did.

In any case, clicking on that action causes the Composer lock up.

Wait....on further investigation, clicking any action anywhere causes it to lock up. Is this likely a problem with my installation of Composer or with my HC300?

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@#*%$@#!!!!! I hate Windows.

Rebooting Windows fixed it, yet there wasn't any general problem with Windows, just with Composer and then only when I clicked on an action in Programming.

I don't care how much better XP is than previous versions nor how stable it generally is, it is still a POS excuse for an operating system. (Sorry ... just had to vent.)

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