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Drivers or lack of


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Hi all,

i've got a HC-200 and SR-250 and started to configure it all, linking devices, setting up ir emitters etc but when it came to testing in composer my amp wouldnt turn in. i have found out that this is due to the driver being incomplete of commands. now these systems are cheap so why cant these things be complete. is there some where i can download a database or what ever is needed for me to use tthe control 4 system with my home cinema kit.

The only thing that i seem to be able to control fully is my sky box. My TV and blu ray player are both not listed in the database and as i say my amp is listed but is only about 50% complete.

I had a logitech harmony one remote which cost my a quarter of the price and worked fully. so why cant control 4

Any help on this would be most appreciated


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