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Someone smarter than me help me out...


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I have a different problem this time!

I moved to a home that has C4, and we got some things to work the way we want but there's one thing that is a mistery...

I noticed that when I hit the light button in the office the entire house goes dark, and a few lights turn on.

I checked timers, schedulers, and everything I can imagine in the composer, but I can't figure out why that happens... even the guy that implemented the system here never figured it out...

any idea of why this is happening? it's always around the same time (evening).


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When you go into composer, go to programming. Then select your light switch at the top left. A box below it will appear with options to choose. Select, the options and see if there is any programming attatched to any of them. Sounds like a lighting scene is being executed if night time.

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