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Added new Category (In the News) and some Housecleaning

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Hey All,

We noticed recently that there's been a steady increase of posts for cool tech gadgets from Manufacturers, Blogs (i.e. Engadget & Gizmodo), Control4 News announcements, and others, which is great!

We figured it may be best to create an "In the News / Just Released" section, where people can continue to post these items as well as keep everything organized a bit better (instead of just plopping it all in "General Discussion"). It's also nice to be able to peruse "memory lane" and see how technology has progressed by just looking down the list of forum topics. So, what better place to post news topics than "In the News"? We hope you'll agree. Hopefully there won't be too much of an uproar, and we hope it'll continue to promote discussions on our forum. Obviously, we're open-minded, so if there are any good reasons why this is counterproductive, then please voice them.

Additionally, we re-sorted some of the more popular categories around (moving the more populars categories to the top for less scrolling). We also moved a bunch of stagnant categories toward the bottom, and took the "Announcement" banner off the top of the forum (pertaining to "Dealer" status). It's currently a sticky in the Forum Help Section, which should be sufficient, while not taking away precious screen real estate for your Control4 reading pleasure... Take a look and see what you think. Hopefully, it shouldn't be too noticeable :)

We also moved a bunch of posts out of the forum help section and into the general discussion section. The "Forum Announcements & Help" should only be for questions & problems directly related to c4forums.

Thanks for your continued support.


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My only thought on this is that this forum community is quite small, and I've noticed that I don't really get much of a response to any thread I post or question in someone else's thread, unless I post in the general discussion section. Because this community is pretty small, I would advise that new categories be created with caution since people mainly hang out in the general forum because that is where the action is.

Plus we don't want to turn this place into a joke like AVS with what seems like hundreds of sub-categories that all overlap....:D

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Respectable :) I know that we don't personally want 100 categories that are too specific, and at the same time, we want people to be able to easily find information via browsing (in addition to searching). How about we try it out for a few weeks, and see how it goes... if it catches on, then great! If not, then I'll be happy to merge everything back into "General Discussion". Appreciate the feedback!

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