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Card Access Garage Door Sensors


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I have installed a card access system to monitor and control our garage doors. It has a wireless contact point to which the doors sensors and outside temp probe are wired and a wireless relay to which the openers are connected.

The devices are bound to the system and i can operate the doors and see the temp within composer. How do I make the status and operation of the doors as well as the temps visible to the navigators and remotes?

Any help is appreciate!


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The temp is going to be tough.

The status and operation of the doors is easy, you just need to have your dealer add the garage door driver, and bind the appropriate contact (sensor) to show the status and the appropriate relay (opens and closes the door - attached to the motor) to operate it. When this is done correctly you end up with a picture of the garage door, and the picture indicates whether it is opened or closed. When you click on the picture, it will toggle the door.

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