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contact inputs/ alarm integration


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Hello Group,

Next, a question about contact inputs:

What is the lowest cost option for adding external contact inputs- an

alarm panel, the C4 input extender, or some other 3rd party offering?

With alarm panels, how are the non-alarm conditions accessible in the C4


What I want to do is turn on the porch lights if the front door opens

when it is dark (based on the C4's astronomic clock). There are also some

other similar needs so I can't just use the internal contact input.

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Do you have or can you run wire to these areas? If you're looking to do it wireless then your cheapest route is probably a GE Concord 4 security system or Card Access Sensor Bridge (the route I went). You can read a review of the Sensor Bridge on my site if you like....www.c4diy.com

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I have wire in place to most of the locations already (there is an old ADT alarm which I will replace) and can easily run wire to the new locations. Generally, I prefer hardwired- more reliable.

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