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Fear and Loathing onThe Upgrade Trail


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I have a C4 system that was integrated into my home theater by a C4 installer in Tampa, Florida that has since gone out of busines. My C4 system is running under Composer 1.7.3 and consists of the following devices:

HC-300 Controller

TSG-3.8C1-W Touch Panel

6 Dimmer Switches

2 Swithces

4 Motorized Draper blind/screen motor controls

The C4 System is integrated with two Phillips Pronto controllers with IR blaster/extenders. There are also 9 A/V componenets in addition to a flat panel and projector and several Lutron wireless Ceiling Fan/Light controllers integrated into the system. The Phillips touch panels are used as the primary hand held controllers and they control the C4 system through an IR mask. The C4 3.8C1 touch panel is wall-mounted in the kitchen and used as a secondary controller.

I recently upgraded the wireless network in my home from 802.11B/G to a wireless 1 GB network that has increased my effective bandwidth from about 50 MBS to over 300 MBS. Unfortunately, when I upgraded the computer network, the C4 wireless mini-touch panel would no longer connect to the network because it is limited to WEP encryption. If/when I enable WEP encryption, the network speed drops back to 50 MBS or less. I implemented an interim "work-around" solution using a second wireless router configured as a wireless access point using WEP encryption. However, this is both an inelegant and undesireable solution.

Upgrading to one of the new Infinity Edge wall mount controllers will evidently require me to upgrade to Controller 2.0 or higher. Can someone please advice on the extend of the upgrade process? Will the existing hardware switches/dimmers and other components be usable in a 2.0.1 system, or will such an upgrade require a more extensive replacement of the existing hardware infrastructure? Is 2.0.1 controllable with a third party IR system like the Pronto?

Thanks and I appreciate any and all advice on the above. Thanks.

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Everything that you have will work and WPA will be supported. A system that small can easily be done in a day as far as the upgrade process goes. Nothing should have changed in regards to the Pronto support. Be aware that the license cost is $299 in addition to any fees by the dealer.

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