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Westinghouse LD-3255VX


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If anyone is after a nice, inexpensive tv for a kids room or something check out the Westinghouse LD-3255VX. It is a super slim LED TV, 32 inch. It integrates very well with C4 due to the discrete inputs, and the way the IR work you can actually install the IR bud on the back of the TV keeping it out of view.

The best part is that the TV is only $319!

We put one in my kids toy room and it is surprisingly nice. It has two component inputs, two composite inputs, two HDMI inputs, PC input and antenna in. It also has a built in HD tuner.

I bought this suspecting we'd be taking it back, but now we're actually thinking of picking up another one for the gym!

Just figured I'd share...I was surprised to find a 32 inch LED with discrete inputs and a good picture for so cheap. Plus, it is at Costco so you can take it back 90 days if you have any problems or are unhappy at all.

Anyone else using one of these?

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