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Looking for Pieces to round out system


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I building a new house and always wanted to do home automation. Here is what I'm planning:

1 HC-300 w/remote

2 2 ea HC-200 w/remote

3 5 dimmers - to start with (issues with 3-way and 4-way with electricians-but thats a different story)

4 Snap AV 4X4 HDMI switcher

5 Netgear 550 and ReadyNAS

What I'm looking for:

-more dimmers possibly


-media rack (looking on craigslist for inexpensive option vs. mid atlantic ($1300)

-24port switch

and anything else yall think I need cuz Im a noob at this stuff :D


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Buy a Dell 2724 Powerconnect. You can get them on eBay for under $100 and they rock.

Good luck finding a rack, they're tough to find here.

The other equipment shouldn't be too hard to find.

About the anything else....the sky is the limit with this stuff my friend. It is addicting.

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Your electrician is having problems with 3 ways? I'm a DIY home idiot and with a little help, I was able to figure it out. As Dan has said before, it's not rocket science.

The problem is all the wires are pulled and electrician doesn't want a live/dead wire with inspection coming. I was getting change ordered to death so I left all the wiring as planned. On the single switches I can pop in a wireless dimmer. The C4 dealer said I would need the electrician to put in a power receptacle for all 2/3/5/6 button switches.

So yeah thanks on the 24port recommendation. Any others would be helpful or guidance would be helpful

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