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HDMI Matrix switchers, handshaking, and switching times


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hey guys,

I have a bunch of hdmi sources that I want to distribute to multiple TV's. We have the following:

- Cable box

- Blu ray player

- Apple TV

- PS 3

- Mac Mini

Say, I need to get these to (4) different TV's. I was thinking of a 8x4 matrix switcher that will work well with control4. I have seen SnapAV, Atlona, and Key Digital recommendations, but I want instant switching. The switchers I've tried all take around 5-7 seconds while the hdmi handshake takes place. Is there a solution that will do this in the least possible amount of time? i.e. less than 5 seconds? and has a reliable control4 driver?

Has anyone used hdmi switchers successfully, and if so are there any switching time results that I can look at?

thanks for the help!

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I have used HDMI switching and it does work well. I have installed quite a few of the Binary switches and there is indeed a delay in switching sources but I have not heard any complaints about it as unless you switching sources every minute it is not usually an issue. Even here at my home using my receiver to do video switching there is a 7 second delay switching hdmi sources. I believe that Blackwire's solution using JAP is almost instantaneous but it only does stereo audio if I am not mistaken. If that is not a concern then it should work well for you. If you are interested get in touch with Kevin (Kevin L here on the forums) and he can give you more information.

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I use the Atlona solution. It works well but does have a delay of 5 seconds to do the handshake. This does not bother me as I am use to it as TV's do the handshake with HD cable boxes if you are going between HD stations and low res stations without a switch.

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