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Starting Volume Level Adjustment:


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Hey Guys,

This is probably a simple one for most of you, but my question is this. Whenever the audio turns on in my rooms to either listen to music, or to watch a video source, the starting level is set at 15....which I cant here, I then have to push the damn vollume button until its at a level i can actually here.

my system is as follow:

5 TVs

1 C4 amp

1 C4 audio matrix

1 video matrix

all wired directly into a central closet.

I am a BEGGINER at this composer HE thing. but I am thinking I should do this.

On"event"s click on Amplifier

audio Input 1 (only option i have, I am assuming audio input is Audio Matrix) = "starts sensing audio"

on "device actions" cllick on amplifier

click on Set audio input 1 ( i have options for audio input 1, 2,3,4)

Under volume click "set" and adjust volume drop down to where i want it

move the green arrow into the script

click execute

I just dont want to do the wrong thing and render my system unusable, and get yelled at by the lady.

Thanks in advance!

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