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***Question for dealers/integrators***


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If those of you that don't mind could please shoot me a PM and let me know how you are buying your HDMI cables, I would really appreciate it. We've started a new division at my company and are wholesaling/distributing/possibly retailing cables and adapaters. We have what we KNOW are EXTREMELY competitive prices, but I would like some feedback from the integrators here on:

- How many cables you might use per month/year

- What length cables you typically buy

- What quantities you have to purchase in

Also, if you feel comfortable I would be interested in hearing your pricing. I don't want/need to know where you're buying from, I just want to make sure that we're offering the most competitive price possible. Also, if you're interested in switching suppliers on cabling let me know. We have all sorts of products in the pipeline including baluns, DVI cables, several popular converters, etc... but what I will have in stock this month is about 3,500 HDMI cables in varying lengths, and a mix of 1.3 and 1.4 spec.

I appreciate any feedback you can provide.



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