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Looking for a multi-zone amp recommendation


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I'm looking for a suggestion for a multi-zone amp. I currently have sets of speakers designed into the system (kitchen / nook, dining room, outdoor terrace, master ensuite ) but not yet installed

Each pair of speakers has a home run of speaker cable (14awg).

Audio components that I'd be interested in sending throughout the house:

2x AppleTV (stream music)

AM/FM Radio

I'd like to be able to use a 3 button controller in each zone (volume up, volume down, zone on/off)

I'd like something that is preferably network attached, or at least rs232 but that's not a mandatory.

Newer features like AirPlay from Apple would be nice, but not absolutely mandatory, as I get the same thing with AppleTV.

Finally, would like it to be cost effective. Sub $500 would be nice - and I'm okay with used.

Any suggestions?



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OK well airplay just is being released on devices. That will make it a little harder to find usedl.

I count 5 zones with multiple inputs, so I guess you want a built in Matrix?

for 500?

your going to have to give up on some of the feature that you want.

Good luck.


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Changed the criteria - AirPlay is not really necessary, as the AppleTV is hooked up, and it has access to my entire library anyways...

So, still looking for a recommendation for a simple multi-zone amp, 5 zones, multi-input. And preferably with a driver already written (Ethernet/IP or RS232 )



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Pony up and get the Control4 amp. Four zone or eight zone, you can't best either for the cost. $500 won't do it though...sorry.

You're right. Don't know how much time I just spent trying to save a few bucks on the C4 version versus finding other options in the market.

Anyone have a used 4 zone to sell?

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