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Needs to replace MC controller

JP Rizal

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My dealer says my Media Controller is kaput. I would like to get a replacement

Im also looking at possibly to add:

1 or 2 v2 remotes

1 Ivory dim/switch

1 Ivory button pad

1 Outlet wall plug

1 10" TS or 7"

1 Control4 Audio switch

Please email me price

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If you are working with a dealer already why do you not purchase them from him/her?

Buying things on line from another dealer or a private party may certainly save you a few bucks but if the unit fails that you bought on line then how much is your time worth trying to get your money back or even worse purchasing another unit?

When you buy it from a dealer you get not only a waranty but you will hopefully get thier loyalty and then if that component fails all you do is make a call to them and it is on them to make it right.

All I am saying is maybe it is worth the few extra dollars at times to buy with a dealer.

Bhart, thanks for explaining the "few bucks" and the "loyalty" part. You have opened my eyes. I will tell my current dealer that I'm switching to "Bhart" for he has enlightened me. My dealer suggested that I get this from the used market because he does not have these outdated items anymore. But what does he know. I've got "Bhart" now.

The list is mostly outdated no longer stocked items, media controller, v2 remotes, 10' TS etc. Your a dealer I'll buy them from you.

Are you the same dealer selling a USED HC200 for $450 and does not know if it is the "B" version or not.


How long have you been a dealer "Bhart"

Are you the same dealer selling a USED 7" touch panel.


Based on your argument. Why would anybody buy it from you and not from their dealer?

I've seen some hypocrites in my time but you take the cake.

Just saying...

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Mr. Simpson,

Once again you failed to understand and completely missed the point. Let me try to explain.

1.The version does not make the outdated equipment readily available for sale from any dealer. No dealer has a new Media Controller in stock, my dealer of 5 yrs does not. You’re a dealer do you?

2.If you do not know enough about the product line your selling then I suggest you do some homework before you make brainless comments such as what you made

3.You didn’t “just ASKED” you JUDGE & ASSUMED and ultimately OFFENDED

4.Rude? I posted a non-offensive “want-to-buy” ad, Like everybody else. YOU chose to make that degrading comment on MY ad and not anybody else’s. YOU made the comment that I am not being fair to my dealer in exchange for a “few bucks” YOU tried to educate me about loyalty and warranty claims for outdated equipment. YOU make OFFENSIVE comments and YOU call me rude?

5.I have nothing against you selling your old stock, new stock, used, new etc. dealer or end user. But you CANNOT berate other members from buying from other dealers or end-users especially when you are DOING THE SAME THING.

Case in point: If somebody wants’ to buy your HC200 or Infinity Edge do you tell them they are cheap and they should buy from their dealer? What do you call that?

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You know JP,

I read and re-read your intial post and then I read my first response to see where we disconnected. Then just to see if I was in the wrong I asked my wife to read things and give me her opinion.

As one reads words from another there is inevitably different takes on how it was meant to be read and certainly no one is able to determine a persons tonality in how it was meant to come off.

You posted an ad. My response to you was just a question. It wasn't meant to sound or be offensive. I didn't judge or assume anything, I just asked a person I didn't know, or that didn't know me, a simple question about an ad for some parts. Again, I read your ad to see where you stipulated new or used items in your wish list. But I can't find anything.

So instead of seeing my email for what it was meant to be, a simple question, your reaction was to take offense to it and then kick off the battle of witts by insulting me first. "I'm switching to "Bhart" for he has enlightened me", and the ever so popular " But what does he know. I've got "Bhart" now".

I don't feel my question deserved that because not everyone (and this may not apply to you) thinks about buying things new from a dealer but only how much money they might save getting things online. As I truly believed your shopping list was refering to "new" stuff it was just a harmless question. I did not offer to sell anything or say you were in the wrong for trying to save but just maybe help someone see the value of the dealer beacuse many people may not have been thinking of it that way.

I have no problem admitting when I am wrong but not everyone may look at it from that perspective I was simply pointing that perspective out.

Now I am pretty good at reading into snide remarks and also great at returning them ten fold. But I never started with something that was meant to be taken as an insult. So on I went. I won't apologize for the initial "question" that I asked because it was totally taken out of context.

It would be easy to keep going with this after reading your reply as you continue to try to prove a point that doesn't need to be made. I was not berating you or anyone else for wanting a good deal. I honestly thought what you were asking for princing on was "new parts".

I of course then made some unnecessary comments in retaliation to your attack of my initial question. I will apologize for some of my responses in my reply as I could have been the bigger man and left it alone in the first place and by the way I do get the point you are trying to make.

I also get the next slap you felt you had to get in by starting off your last reply.

Truely I wish you all the best and luck in finding what you are looking for and know that if I had any of your wish list items I would give them to you as a jesture to show I am not the kind of person that is out trying to insult folks.

Homer out!

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Peace :cool:

Believe it or not I'm ussually confrontational.

What probably burned me the most is that JUST BEFORE I read your first post. I was reading YOUR HC200 contemplating EMAILING you for the price.

THEN I saw a response on my ad THINKING that somebody was finally going to sell me something!!!

Opened your post. Imagine how I felt when I actually read it. :|

Good Luck in your new C4 dealership.

PS; If you do come across an MC do let me know. But now I'm starting to think no warranty it is probably not worth the trouble. 2.0 upgrade might be sooner than what I want it to be.

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