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Creating a driver to switch audio seperately from video with composer.


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I have an AT-VGA0404-A matrix switch. On this switch the Audio and Video could have a separate matrix modes (Example: Video in #1 ---> Video Out #2, while Audio in #1---> Audio Out #3).

I am trying to use Composer2 to create a driver that can switch audio separately from video but I am having no luck.

Here is what I do:

In the Input/Output section of composer I select Input01-04 and Output01-04.

In the macro section I use the


Transfer both video and audio signals from input

channel [x1] to output channel [x2].

The code itself looks like this #500 "1" #10 "*" #10 "6" #10 "!" #10

On top of that, after creating the driver I go into the code itself and add the following code to the capabilities section of the driver:


However, after testing the driver out, it still switches both video/audio inputs/outputs rather then doing them separately.

Can someone help me with this please?

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I can do that, and if I did I would also have to do one that does Audio+Video together.

However, I have around 20 similar devices that I need to create this driver for, and if I went with that approach, I would have to create 60 drivers as apposed to 20.. I was hoping of being able to implement the separate switching into 1 driver.

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Well, the first image shows you the programming part of the GUI.

The highlighted 8 indicated input 8, the 3 = output3 and the "!" indicates to switch both audio and video.

In place of the "!" I can use a "$" to do audio only or "%" to do video only.

When I try entering both codes into the same input/output selection, later when using the driver it just first switches video and then follows the code to switch audio.

The second image shows the use of the driver.

The highlighted "Audio and Video" drop down menu can be switched to Audio Only and Video Only.

So i'm assuming once I get the driver to be capable of switching the audio separately from the video, I will be able to use the drop down menu to decide if I want to switch both, or separately.

I hope I understood your questions correctly.

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