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HC500 hard drive failure


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I have had my HC500 for about 3 years, and last weekend, after adding two music songs, it started having issues. I have my photos, as well as music on this system. Tried to access the drive and it states "access denied". Tried adding music, access denied. My music library and phots for screen saver are gone.

- Fortunately I have a backup

I have read perhaps I should store music on a USB Drive ? Seems like a waste of hard drive.

I have another controller on the way - upgrading to HC-1000 as from what I read, performance will be much better.

My project still works, and hope that it continues until the new HC-1000 comes in? I thought I read somewhere that the project is stored on Flash, but only the photos and media files are on the hard drive?

When I get the new HC-1000 - what can I do with the HC500? I already have an HC-300. Is there anyway of making use of the HC500 ?

My HC300 is my zigbee server currently.

Finally, moving up from 1.7.4 to 2.06 -- dealer will be upgrading me. Any new features in programmig and control you like the best?

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