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Octava 4:2 HDMI and 7.1 Analog Matrix switch


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I came across this switch the other day as a solution for folk wanting to hold onto their better quality AV receivers (rather than simply upgrade to something inferior just because it has HDMI).

This switch allows connection of things link PS3's (you can run HDMI LPCM in and split off the 7.1 audio to get the benefit of blu ray audio....as toslink can only carry 5.1)

Also if you have better source gear like high end SACD players or bluray players like OPPO with 7.1 analog out, this switch apparently can loop this signal through :cool:

There is RS232 and IR control of the matrix

A new model with HDMI 1.4 is coming end of March.

Has anybody had experience with this product? Available Control 4 drivers? And is there any other matrix with 7.1 analog switching out their?

Thanks again


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