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Is 3 months and counting a typical install period?


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I have been patently waiting for a system to be operational in my new home. I was pleased when the configuration plans posted here were given a thumbs up from the forum members ( http://www.c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?id=7353 ).

My integrator has been unable to get my system operational after more than 3 months. They currently claim that this is because the system is in the "under construction" stage and i am starting to lose faith in their abilities. When I use the term operational, I mean that the system basics work such as being able to watch video or hear sound. Either I have video with no sound, sound with no video, only 1 cable box operating out of 3 and not being able to listen to any audio source consistently in various zones. I have rebooted cable boxes, unplugged all controllers and restarted them, unplugged and restarted switches etc to be able to address these issues.

Is this a typical length of time to complete programming? They are asking me to sign off on a list of items to complete and yet the system does not work yet and I would think it would make sense to have a functioning system before i agree that their job is almost done?

Also, they want final payment now before they continue any work, even though their terms clearly state final payment is due when all contracted work is completed, not before it is completed. They have been paid the majority of their fees well in advance.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Here is a recent correspondence from them with names redacted:



I agree and understand your frustrations with the functionality of the Control4 system. The current “under construction” stage the audio/video and security systems are in will not allow for a completely programmed control system. ABC COMPANY needs to be able to get in and complete the installation scope-of-work so the we can properly program and test the overall system’s performance.

I appreciate your patience but I need for you to review and agree to the attached (revised) check list so we can begin the completion of your project. I do not want this stretching any longer than you do.


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Hi chinense,

I wouldn't sign off on anything that is "not fully" working at all.... You'll be giving your rights away, to come back to say anything later.

Make them stick to their "own" contract: " their terms clearly state final payment is due when all contracted work is completed, not before it is completed "..

I'm sure when all work is done they would expect you to honor the contract and make final payment.. Now if you told them you can't pay them now, maybe in 3 months, I sure they would contacting you 24/7 then soon law suit would take place...

Just my 2cent$

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Thank you for your comments.

The answer to your question is no, this firm programmed the system themselves so far and they have not mentioned any third party involvement. They were paid for 85% of the total system 6 months ago. Now they want me to confirm any extras that have been requested and to confirm a "checklist" of items that are outstanding. However, I am unable to comment on the checklist until the system is fully operational and I can identify what is and is not working.

They want to be paid in full for the balance of the original contracted scope of activities plus the cost of any extras (which have not been quoted to me or for which I have no price). Some of the extras were a result of their failure to identify wiring that was needed, even though they did the wiring and there have been no change order requests that would necessitate the additional wiring, it was simply overlooked on their part. There are minor things that were requested, such as the mounting of a couple of articulated TV mounts, which i am happy to pay for, but nothing major.

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something sounds fishy with that company and failure to id wires that was needed is a failure to complete task at hand. system should have been program and while they are there finish up you report back to them any bugs are strange thing thats going on with programming.

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