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Fireplace controller?


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We have a Lennox Hearth Products gas fireplace insert model LSS-40CN, circa 2004.

Unfortunately when we bought the house it did not come with the remote control for the fireplace. Long story short, it does not appear as if the remote is available anymore.

Are there any Control4 or 3rd party devices that can control this fireplace? I realize that I may have to spend some money replacing the controller, but if I do that I'd like to be sure that whatever I get I can control it with Control4.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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That's a great question. I have a Heat N Glo driven by one of these switches:


C4 has a fireplace switch:


But nothing that can control fan speed :[

I would have to use an outlet switch for the fan, and keep it under the hood in the fireplace and drive it by an existing keypad to avoid having to add another gang to my existing single gang fireplace box.

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There is not even a single gang fireplace box here. The only way to control this fireplace is with a remote.

Well that's not exactly true. I can remove the bottom grill and turn it on manually at the pilot / gas control knob, but there is no way to control the fan speed that way.

I am hoping that there is some sort of replacement setup that will allow full control with control4.

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