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Netgear Digital Entertainer EVA 9150 On/Off


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I am probably missing something obvious, but I have a Netgear Digital Entertainer EVA 9150 in my system.

How do I turn the unit on and off from the C4 (SR250) remote? I wanted to play a video on the mapped EVA 9150 HD but the unit was off and the controller didn't find it (as it was off I presume). Is there something obvious I am missing in controlling the Netgear from the remote or would I need to map one of the colored buttons on the remote to turn it on? Many thanks.

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I have mine set to never turn off, but I'd imagine selecting it as a source will turn it on just like every other device. You have thee physical switch on the unit in the on position, correct?

Thanks for the reply. I see your solution and yes, the physical switch is on. Thanks.

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