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I want to turn on the bottom light to a switch to a different color to let me know power status of the patio speakers. I want to turn the bottom light to red on the switch when the patio power is on. I have no problems doing this with a 6 button just cant find the code to do it with a switch. The only code I can find is to set the color to red when the light is on. Where is this code line located.


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Start the program using the room variable "Power State" for the room "Patio". When the power state changes you can query the power state and determine if it is on or off. Then use the conditional to change the LED color on the switch to any color you want. That is assuming your switch was setup so the LED's are not attached. If they are attached you cannot programatically change the color without changing the LED Attached status in the Monitoring section of ComposerHE.

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