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Doorbell to HC300 relay


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I've built a new house, and wired it myself for automation ( 75 switches / dimmers ), 2x HC300c controllers, control4 amp and speakers throughout the house, PoE cameras, and cat6 throughout.

I ran a cat6 wire from the front door to the rack, planning to use it as the doorbell. However, I forgot to run a cable to an actuall sounder for the doorbell.

Now, I'm thinking that I will use the relay in the HC300 and then just play an announcement throughout the house when the doorbell is pressed.

Question is: is this viable? Do I need anything else? I'm assuming I can just wire as normally open, and then fire the event when closed.

Thanks in advance.


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If you use a lighted door bell, you will need to use the Elk 930 DoorBell unit with your controller... The Elk unit will still give you power to light the door bell, and let the controller's contact work together with the door bell.

The kit comes with two door bell circuits, marked A and B. Plus it has a telephone unit too, they all come attached on one circuit board, you just "snap" the units apart to separate.


Good Luck,


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