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Just Add Power - free Video Wall App for 2G platform


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At InfoComm 2011 (booth 4383) Just Add Power announces the ability to to support video wall applications using the 2G devices running a new firmware App. The new App can accommodate anything from a 2x2 up to an 8x8 video wall, and any combination within that (i.e. 2x4, 1x8, 5x5, 6x2). This will let Just Add Power dealers provide video walls to sports bars, emergency response centers, super man caves, and digital signage customers, without them having to purchase one of the uber expensive video wall processors.

To do this 3x3 wall


You will need

1 1x3 HDMI Splitter,

3 2G Transmitters,

9 2G Receivers,

9 TV Monitors, and

3 null modem cables.

To do a 5x5 video wall you will need

1 1x5 HDMI Splitter (you will probably use a 1 x 8 ),

5 2G Transmitters,

25 2G Receivers,

25 TV Monitors, and

5 null modem cables.

The null modem cables are only used during setup and configuration. The same set of cables can be used for multiple installations.

Installation is a quick and easy 3 step process. It is all done from an HTML application running on the primary 2G Transmitter.

Step 1 - Tell the primary 2G Transmitter how many rows and columns are in the video wall (1x1 to 8x8, however a 1x1 is not very impressive!).

Step 2 - Tell each Receiver which column they are in (1 - 8 ).

Step 3 - Tell the primary 2G Transmitter the size of your screens and bezels. The system automatically compensates for any size bezel, from the new zero bezel panels to older TV's with wide bezels. The smaller the bezel, the better the video wall.

Using IP based control systems you can dynamically change from video wall mode to standard mode and back again.

Change from 3x3 to all in standard mode:


Change to 2x3 mode with the last column in standard mode:


Change the upper left to 2x2 mode, with the other 5 in standard mode:


This new App is immediately available for interested parties.

The 3D Manager does work with the Video Wall App, allowing you to watch 3D content on your own jumbo tron screen.

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