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Denon n iPad


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im working on a project, i have two denon avr and an ipad, all my devices work well but my denon doesnt appear on my ipad (denon buttons like chose tthe output, zone 1 on or off etc.) what can i do??

i control the avrs with seria ports.

The houses owner wants to chose where he wants to watch or hear his devices, he has two zones per denon and without the denon control on the ipad i thinks it will not be easy to do that.

The other option is t use two ir per device and when he choses one on the second zone the denon turns that zone on.

anyway he wants to cntrl denon with the c4 app for ipad


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i made the denon part of my project at office and i saw that the options to select the audio ecualizer are (thatson touchscreen but not on my ipad) is there any other form to make denon to appear on ipad??

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