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Battery backup recommendations


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When using a Control 4 system, what components should be on battery backup that would be considered the most important even if a person isn't worried about say a TV going off? Would it be the controller, modem, router.... etc??

Can anyone recommend a decent/cost effective battery backup system?

I'm wondering if the Monoprice unit below would be worthwhile as usually an power issues I've ever had were something like a temporary (minute tops) outage in our area....


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Typically, you want to have every device surge protected, purchasing a reliable surge suppressor, such as the Furman PLC-8, will take care of it. As far as battery backup, I agree with henniae, you want the main function of the system to continue running during an outage, so yes, network and controllers. I would keep from putting amplifiers or other "high drain" devices on backup, it greatly reduces the potential battery life. In your search for voltage protection, Blue Bolt has recently surfaced and is quite a reliable energy monitoring function of most Panamax/Furman surge devices.

I'm not a fan of cheap units in which their sole purpose is to protect my investment, I want guaranteed reliability..

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