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New Camera DVR? or not


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Dedicated Micros Evo9 DVR

8 Speco analog cameras

DVR converted to component and fed into matrix switcher so its viewable on all TV's in house.

IPcamviewer to view cameras on IPHONE ( Latest version seems to cycle through camera views randomly. )

Sometimes it comes up perfectly and then it seems to rotate cameras into random spots on the phone (set in a 3x3) grid

Customer would like to have the C4 app on his phone and be able to view these much easier than now.

Plus having them available on the touch screens.

The dedicated micros dvr resets quite frequently.

Reset DVR to DHCP and no resets....but this screws my remote viewing.

Set DVR to Static and it becomes unstable.

Checked all setting, firmwares, and softwares...

DM says the record rate is set too high...any tweaking on DVR causes randow resets as I change settings (yeah!!!! thats fun)

Accessing the cameras on the IPHONE is a crap shoot of freezing and rebooting and lag


Customer wants "EASY" "Reliable" and "C4" friendly all in one solution for his system.

Replacing the dvr is my first thought.

Easy and reliable is my thought too.

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