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  1. I am not creative. So my installer gave me a couple of brief ideas of things to engrave on keypad buttons. Is there a repository of laser etched keypad ideas? (kitchen lights, shades, etc)
  2. Building from scratch. So can pick whatever. I think I will have max of 4 channels but currently I only have two cameras. I just need a NVR server that allows an interface with an external disk drive(i have a spare 1 TB drive). Any suggestions? Trying to keep cost reasonable.
  3. 1. Can you record a "preconfigured" length of video after a motion detection event on the DS2, onto a NVR? (trying to keep the network overhead down on my home network) 2. Can you configure this length of time to record?
  4. So I will put a twist to this discussion... I do not have cat5 to my existing door bell/intercom station, but 2 pair twisted. Since the D2 does not have wifi capabilities, then i'm left with this option...https://www.doorbird.com/downloads/datasheet_a1071_en.pdf as a method to get power and data back and forth. So now I am paying a lot more for the D2 and now this. So given this extra cost, for those D2 believers above, is the product still worth it?
  5. Yeah, only want it in local amp mode. But my question is the ethernet port is still active and accepting commands from the system to turn the amplifier on?
  6. When the speaker point is running in local amp mode, what trigger options are available to turn it on and passthrough the audio?
  7. Not valuable would be replacing all 8 room stations with touch pad screens. Otherwise everything else in play.
  8. Have an old M&S intercom throughout the house integrated with our front door bell(s). Its time to get rid of the intercom and get a video doorbell (either door bird or c4). 1. I have 6 wire going to the door bell back to the existing master intercom controller and then 6 wire out to all the intercom stations 2. I have only one touchscreen in my house currently(kitchen) 3. I don't want to replace ALL of my intercom room stations, but am willing to replace a few strategic ones 4. I have alexa (echo dot) throughout the house 5. I'd like to have someone ring the front doorbell and: a) Hear the doorbell throughout my house and possibly in my backyard(i have one existing patio room station) b) Be able to see who's at the door from the intercom app, touch screen(s) and any of the TV's if they are on 6. I'd like to use any existing touch screens as intercoms Anybody have any suggestions on the hardware to make this work in a "value" driven way?
  9. With the Control4 Door Station and Alexa integration into C4 can an echo device pass on a door announcement?
  10. Need to run poe to some touchpads over older non twisted existing 6 wire. I see the touch pads use 802.3af standard but it doesn't specify if its alternative a or b wiring. Is this configurable? Can I just use power over the poe and use wifi for the data?
  11. I have existing intercom stations that i am thinking of replacing with touchpads. The current stations would fit a touchpad mounted vertically MUCH better. Can you reconfigure the orientation and would it be useable?
  12. Any links to such a converter? I really don't need video at any of the room stations. If there was a c4 integrated intercom that used analog out to the room stations instead of an IP protocol but used IP for the video doorbell, that would be a good solution but doubt such a thing exists. I can hide some equipment in a closet directly on the other side of that main base station wall.
  13. I have an old m&s 6 wire non twisted/shielded analog whole house intercom with multiple stations and several doorbells. The unit works fine but it’s time to at least get a better video doorbell solution and maybe reduce the footprint of the MASSIVE home station in our kitchen that is getting remodeled. All of the room stations are 6 wire and in this house it is cost prohibited to run cat5 to each of them. Ideas?
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