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  1. Well that is where things like Apple's Homekit and Google's Nest or Amazon's Alexa Smart Home come in? They all have scenes and scheduling functions. Sure it may not be as seamless as C4 but should be pretty close? Why spend the money on something big like C4 if you aren't using it that much. I was in 4600 foot home with lighting and shades and locks and AV etc. But ultimately only used a fraction of automation because it was just kind of a PITA at times. And limited ability to program without a dealer...
  2. I have been using C4 systems in my two homes over the last 15+ years. Moving and deciding if C4 is really "worth it" anymore. With the rise of smart products and homes, do I really need to invest that kind of money as before? Pros: 1 platform that is "integrated" Cons: Always found it difficult to find affordable and available installers. Dimmers and controllers and devices are all expensive I don't use the system like I used to. No longer have a family living with me. Its just me and my girlfriend visiting. Fragmented looks like this: TV: Smart TV's (I
  3. Soooo....See why it wouldn't be so hard for C4 to include a manual? I see no screws to remove the cover plate. Don't really want to rip it off. Does it just pop up with force?
  4. Something simple... How do you get that plastic covering off the nameplate without breaking the plastic? Do you have to take off the housing? If so, how to do this?
  5. Over the last 2-4 weeks all of a sudden the Intercom App on my iPhone keeps triggering (almost always between 11pm-5am) and waking me up. Sometimes there is an associated door announcement with it, most of the time not. When I view the intercom screen, nobody is at the front door. Besides reinstalling the App, any other suggestions?
  6. Here is what I have and what my needs are: I have a DS2 camera at the door. I also have an exterior Panasonic IP camera for my courtyard. I would like to add a very low profile and inconspicuous indoor IP camera that will be placed up high on a bookshelf looking over the family room and main corridor throughout the house. There is local power and a switch at the bookshelf. I don't need a camera that is capable of very low to no light. Low profile is the key. I would like the camera to have motion sensing built in to trigger the NVR to record on any motion event. So I need a came
  7. I am not creative. So my installer gave me a couple of brief ideas of things to engrave on keypad buttons. Is there a repository of laser etched keypad ideas? (kitchen lights, shades, etc)
  8. Building from scratch. So can pick whatever. I think I will have max of 4 channels but currently I only have two cameras. I just need a NVR server that allows an interface with an external disk drive(i have a spare 1 TB drive). Any suggestions? Trying to keep cost reasonable.
  9. 1. Can you record a "preconfigured" length of video after a motion detection event on the DS2, onto a NVR? (trying to keep the network overhead down on my home network) 2. Can you configure this length of time to record?
  10. So I will put a twist to this discussion... I do not have cat5 to my existing door bell/intercom station, but 2 pair twisted. Since the D2 does not have wifi capabilities, then i'm left with this option...https://www.doorbird.com/downloads/datasheet_a1071_en.pdf as a method to get power and data back and forth. So now I am paying a lot more for the D2 and now this. So given this extra cost, for those D2 believers above, is the product still worth it?
  11. Yeah, only want it in local amp mode. But my question is the ethernet port is still active and accepting commands from the system to turn the amplifier on?
  12. When the speaker point is running in local amp mode, what trigger options are available to turn it on and passthrough the audio?
  13. Not valuable would be replacing all 8 room stations with touch pad screens. Otherwise everything else in play.
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