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  1. I have done something similar using the power sensing feature on a C4 Wireless Outlet Switch on the dryer. When the dryer finishes an announcement is played throughout the house.
  2. Central location for the 5.1. I had all the speakers wired back to the rack, which I figured would give me the most flexibility down the road. I have 10' ceilings in the kitchen and laundry room, 12-14' ceilings in the bedrooms and master bath.
  3. I use in ceiling speakers for video sound in all my 'non primary video watching' rooms. Kitchen, kids bedrooms, laundry room, bathroom, garage, etc. The kitchen is the only room that we'll watch TV for an extended time while cooking or eating. I like having the sound coming from above, as you can move around the room and the sound volume/quality stays pretty consistent. I have 5.1 surround sound amplifiers wired to in wall speakers in areas that we watch TV for longer durations - master bedroom, family room, office. The theater has full 9.2 surround.
  4. It sounds like the IP addresses on your end devices are changing. This is common when using DHCP, which is handled by your router. IP Reservations are used on your router to assign the same IP address to the same device each time. The Linksys WRT1900AC should handle IP reservations without issue. This feature may also be called DHCP reservations on your Linksys. I do not believe you need a new router. Another way to resolve this issue is to assign static IP addresses to your end devices. You'll want to assign IP addresses that are outside of the DHCP range on your router so you do not run into IP conflict issues. For example, if your router is configured to us a DHCP range of to, you'll want to us IP addresses in the range of to for static assignment.
  5. Samsung NU7100 series works well with the C4 Samsung IP driver. I just put a 50" in my basement last month. There's a 40" and 43" available in the series.
  6. Looking for a white 7” In-Wall Touch Screen Adapter Kit for Mini Touch Screen (C4-7IETOMTSAK-WH) shipped to 60124. Will take a black one if only thing available. Thanks! Rob
  7. Thanks guys. The variable idea put me on the right track. I set a variable to true 30 second after the blu-ray player is turned on. Then I put a conditional on the 'when play is pushed'. This allows me to run the blu-ray play lighting scene whenever play is pushed, not just after pausing. When the blu-ray player is turned off, the variable is set back to false. Rob
  8. I have a lighting scene that is triggered when the projector is turned on in my theatre. It takes about a minute for the screen to drop, projector to warm up, etc. and the lighting scene takes approximately a minute to ramp down the lights. Works great. I have programmed two additional lighting scenes for the blu-ray player. When the blue-ray player is paused, a couple of the lights ramp up slightly. When the blue-ray player is resumed (played), the lights ramp back down. These scenes also work great. The issue I'm having is when I select Blu-ray as my source (Watch, Blu-ray) when everything is turned off, the resume playing lighting scene for the blu-ray player is executed. This means the lights get ramped down over a couple of seconds instead of ramped down over a minute. I assume Control4 must autoplay the blu-ray player or something which is why the resume lighting scene is triggered. How do I differentiate in the programming whether its a play command on the blu-ray player from powering it on, or a play command resuming from a pause in the middle of a movie? Thanks! Rob
  9. New or used will work. Thanks! Rob
  10. Yup... I have the same issue. My 4sight subscription lapsed and I could no longer connect via my VPN. I have been using my VPN for years to access my Control4 system, even before 'Anywhere Access' was introduced. Either it's poor programming in the MyHome app which automatically assumes that if you're connected via cellular the only way you could possibly connect is through 4sight, or it's intentional to require you to purchase a 4sight subscription.
  11. Nothing connects to director on the HC-1000. I moved my project over to one of my HC-300s on Sunday and have the system up and running. From there I finished the 2.2 upgrades. Everything else upgraded fine. The HC-1000 is still running as the ZigBee server. It's just director on the HC-1000 that nothing can connect to. It's been reset numerous times. I have a valid 2.0 license on my.control4.com that has always been used with the HC-1000.
  12. So... I figured to day was a good today to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2. Apparently I was wrong... Initiated upgrade. HC-1000 started upgrade and disconnected Composer like normal. Typically I can reconnect in 10-15 minutes. After an hour of not being able to reconnect I started poking around. Everything appears to be running normally on the HC-1000, but I am still unable to connect to director. Rebooted HC-1000, waited an hour, still can't connect. I can connect via SSH. I can connect via System Manager - output of log is below. Director is enabled. HC-1000 has outbound sessions established to the following: UDP ****:123 NTP UDP ****:123 NTP UDP ****:123 NTP UDP ****:123 NTP TCP ****:33959 HTTPS The Control4 modules are at 2.2, so it appears the upgrade was installed on the HC-1000. I just don't understand why I can't connect to Director. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rob Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed |/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name Version Description +++-===============================-===============================-============================================================================== ii alsa-lib ALSA Sound Library ii alsa-utils ALSA Utilities ii atftpd 0.7-7.14 TFTP Server ii audioserver Audio Streaming Server ii base-bradley Base System ii busybox-bradley 1.15.2-3.7 Busybox ii c4drivers Control4 Drivers ii c4firmware Hardware Images ii c4libs-bradley Control4 Libraries ii c4libs-hc Control4 Libraries ii c4lookupserver Control4 Media Look Up Server ii c4perfd Control4 Performance Monitor ii c4rmengined Control4 Remote Management Engine Daemon ii c4server Button Monitor ii dhcpc 1.3.22pl4-90 DHCP Client ii director Control4 Director ii director-libs Director Libraries ii dpkg 1.13.22-10 DPKG Packaging Utility ii driverwiz-server Control4 NESP Server ii dropbear 0.52-10 Secure Shell Server/Client ii dtserver Control4 I/O Server ii e2fsprogs 1.41.14-2 Ext2 File System Tools ii e2fsprogs-bradley 1.41.14-2 Ext2 File System Tools ii ffmpeg 1.0-7 ffmpeg ii ficy 1.0.16-4 fIcy Stream Grabber ii flash-navigator SWF Files For Navigator ii flash-navigator-addon SWF Files For Navigator ii glibc 2.9-2 GNU C Library ii grub 0.97-31 GRUB Linux Loader ii gsoap 2.8.0-6 GSOAP Library ii hdparm 7.7-3 hdparm utility ii hotplug 2004.03.29-8 Hotplug Support ii id3lib 3.8.3-6 ID3 Tagging Library ii inspector System Inspection Tool ii kernel-bradley Operating System ii kernel-modules-bradley Device Drivers ii libboost 1.42.0-4 Misc. Boost Libraries Package ii libcurl 7.19.4-2 Curl Library ii libflac 1.2.1-4 Library FLAC ii libjpeg 6b-9 JPEG Library ii libncurses 5.4-6 Ncurses Library ii libpng 1.2.16-5 PNG Library ii libpopt 1.7-6 Popt Library ii libreadline 5.2-2 Libreadline Library ii libservercommon Common Server Libraries ii libxml2 2.7.8-1 XML Library ii libzcommon Control4 Common ZigBee Library ii lighttpd 1.4.28-5 Lighttpd Web Server ii locale .mo files, locale info for our software ii logrotate 3.7-28 Log Rotation Utility ii lrzsz 0.12.20-3 xmodem/ymodem/zmodem ii module-init-tools 3.2-4 Module Init Tools ii netpbm 10.0-9 Netpbm Graphics Utilities ii netsnmp 5.5-4 ii nettest Network Testing Utilities ii netusbserver Control4 Network/USB Auto Mounting Server ii ntpd 4.2.4p4-17 NTP Server ii openssl 0.9.8k-4 OpenSSL Library ii preupgrade preupgrade package ii remote-access-manager Remote Access Manager ii resetcheck Network Reset Check Utility ii rhapserver C4Rhapsody Service ii rsyslog 5.5.4-release-10 Logging Utility ii samba-client 3.0.37-6 SAMBA Client Programs ii samba-server 3.0.37-6 SAMBA Server ii send-mail Sendmail ii sipproxy Control4 SipProxy Server ii sqlite2 2.8.17-5 SQLite App and Library ii sqlite3 sqlite3 app and Library ii sysman-bradley System Manager ii system-version System Version Utility ii taglib 1.7-3 TagLib Library ii tzdata 2011i+2011n GNU Timezone Data ii upman-server Control4 Update Manager ii upslave Control4 Update Manager Library ii vpn 2.0-release-62 Virtual Private Network daemon ii wireless-tools 29-9 Wireless Tools ii zlib 1.2.3-8 Zlib Compression Library ii zserver2 Control4 ZigBee Server OK NAME STATE audioserver enabled c4lookup enabled c4perfd enabled c4rmengined disabled c4server enabled crond enabled director enabled driverwizd disabled dropbear enabled dtserver enabled lighttpd enabled net-watchdog enabled netusbserver enabled nmbd enabled ntpd enabled openvpn enabled rhapServer enabled sipproxy disabled smbd enabled snmpd enabled upmand enabled upslaved enabled zserver2 enabled OK name=eth0 enabled=1 type=static address=*********** netmask= gateway=********** mac=*********** up=1 OK hostname=home-controller-1000-************ domain= nstype=static nameserver1=********** nameserver2=********** nameserver3= ntpserver= OK
  13. I need to replace a motion sensor that was umm... mounted poorly and did not survive the 12' drop to concrete. New or used. Thanks!
  14. I'm using an application called PRTG. You can download a free version that will monitor up to 10 sensors here - http://www.paessler.com/prtg/download But back to my original question. Why would 1 HC-300 be maxed out? Is there a way for me to see what process is using all the CPU? Rob
  15. Is anyone monitoring there Control4 systems with SNMP? I have PRTG setup at home and am monitoring my Controllers. My HC-1000 and one HC-300 are reporting CPU Idle percentage between 85% and 95% with occasional dips. My other HC-300 is reporting CPU Idle percentage at a consistent 1%. Is the reporting accurate? Anyone know what would cause 1 HC-300 to max out CPU cycles? I have rebooted that HC-300 and it didn't change the utilization. Rob
  16. Because IPv6 doesn't support NAT? Because the home automation system connects to the home network? True... most home networks will be IPv4 for years to come, but I still think it's a valid question if Control4 IP devices support IPv6, and if they don't, when they will. Just my 2 cents. Rob
  17. I know there were some Sonos / EV issues with 2.0 and some of the following updates. Have those been resolved? I finally had my system updated from 1.8 this week and am looking to add the EV driver if things are now stable. Rob
  18. Wanted: HC300 or HC200 V1.8 or below. Remote not required. Thanks. Rob
  19. Huh... interesting. I do have a HC1000. Rhapsody has been like this for months. Even pulling up the channel listing takes forever, whether it's on a 4" touchscreen or my iPhone.
  20. Pandora... tell me about it. I saw the Sonos app for the iPad came out a week ago so I finally got around to connecting one of my old Zoneplayers to Control4. I originally was just going to use it for Pandora, but then I tried Rhapsody. Wow! Why is Rhapsody SO bad through the Control4 app, yet works so well through Sonos? I typically listen to channels on Rhapsody, and when using the Control4 app it would take 20-30 seconds to start the first song. Then there was always a 5 - 10 second pause between songs. I just thought it was Rhapsody. Through Sonos, first song starts within 2 to 3 seconds, never long pauses between songs. I also SO much prefer the Sonos interface on the iPhone and iPad in comparison to Control4 for music control. Screw the EV integration driver... I'll stick with the Sonos interface. Rob
  21. I have fan speed control through Control 4. It's a bit ugly, but functional. I use these Lutron fan/light switches - http://www.lutron.com/Products/StandAloneControls/Dimmers-Switches/MaestroIRDimmer/Pages/Models.aspx which are IR controlled. I use an old fashioned IR transmitter/receiver like this http://www.amazon.com/X10-POWERMID-Control-Extender-PM5900/dp/B00023KG40/ref=pd_bxgy_e_text_b to send the IR from my HC-300 in the basement to my master bedroom. The IR receiver is buried in a shelving unit on the opposite wall of the fan/light switch. Dealer created a driver from the IR remote that came with the Lutron switch. I have light on/off/dimmer and fan 7 speed control. I only have this setup in the master bedroom, but that's where it's the most important and I could hide the IR receiver the easiest. I'd love to see an Control4 integrated fan control... I'd be replacing 10 remote fan switches instantly. Rob
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