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  1. Thank you, Alan. Much appreciated! Edit: I switched to auto-update mode last night and rebooted C4 (power cycle). It did not immediately fix the problem. However, when I checked this morning it had updated and was working fine.
  2. Hi Alan, Kodi 18 (leia) auto-installed on my Kodi box (NVIDIA Shield) replacing my Kodi 17 and my Control 4 remote control broke. The update also broke (or changed external control settings), but updating those did not fix it. It did fix it for my iPhone Kodi app control. Just wondering if the Kodi Chowmain Control4 controller is supposed to work on Kodi 18 Control4/Kodi/Chowmain driver, or if we’re awaiting an update? I was about to bug my dealer, but I’m pretty sure they’d hem and haw before waiting several weeks to ask you and get back to me... Edit: Interestingly the stop button in the Control4 remote still works (on Kodi) along with a couple custom buttons, but up, down, right, left and back do not.
  3. I can easily connect my iPhone to a number of C4 Shairbridge/Shairplay zones in my house and stream Pandora/Amazon Music, etc. Does anyone know if the Echo/dot (and its Pandora, Spotify, etc. apps) can do this?
  4. Does anybody have any experience (good or bad) with the ceiling mounted NYCE motion censor (NCZ-3043 in Control4) for triggering lighting scenes in terms of speed and reliability? My dealer originally proposed the CardAccess (Ceiling Mount - WMS10-2-C-ZP & Wall-Mount: WMS10-2-ZP), but I balked at the 1-year battery life and the general size and aesthetically displeasing look. The NYCE ceiling mounted model (NCZ-3043) is smaller and less noticeable (hanging on a ceiling) by comparison (3" for NYCE vs. 5.25" for the CardAccess) while purportedly having a five year battery life. It perhaps has slightly less range (only 16.4 feet) and 90 degree instead of a 96 degree cone than the Card Access product (none of which matters for my application), but I would appreciate any comments anyone has on whether the product performs reliably (through ZigBee) and as advertised. Just the thought of replacing batteries in seven different sensors every year (throughout my house and mostly 3 stairway cases way the hell up there) makes my back hurt... I can live with every 5 years... Link to NYCE product description. http://nycesensors.com/products/ncz3043/
  5. I'm having the same issue today with my (and my wife's iPhone) although the iPad seems to be working fine.
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