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  1. Thank you, Trying to build 2 way with DriverEditor... any straight way ?
  2. Nope sir, kindly lead me to that... only using driverworks wizard to build.
  3. Thanks for your help, was able to make all 38 values of volume work via Programming > Device Event by setting condition to run command which emit serial code of each value. NEW ISSUE BELOW ! Another weird thing happening is from Control4 App, my volume just jump to 100% on pressing either volume up or down... see attached Any idea why this is so ?
  4. Thank You so much but not working for volume... I must tell you am familiar with the protocol, I have built module in Crestron and even develop android app using global cache and I can tell you I kind of use variables in all above to hold, increase and decrease volume of each zone... VOL+1 and VOL-1 is not working as you suggest (see picture attached) and I dont think they have direct commands for volume up and down. Only setting of volume value works which what I want to figure out in Control4... How do I capture the volume parameter "LEVEL" so as to increase it then pass it to the command for volume up and down... Appreciate your help further
  5. Hi, it has not vol up and down commands as seen in the protocol manual... it is monoprice multiroom controller Check https://downloads.monoprice.com/files/manuals/10761_Manual_131209.pdf So is the use of parameter "LEVEL" possible ?
  6. Hi guys, I am trying to build serial driver for AVR, all going fine except for the volume has no UP and Down command. Setting each level has to be discrete like VOL01, VOL02, VOL03....VOL99, VOL100 How can I use the LEVEL parameter around my command to trigger next volume setting in the wizard. (See pic attached).. Thanks in advance
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