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  1. Hi Latest update after changing to the C4 XBR-75X900E driver is Working.... Great news Thanks for the help. We though have another problem with the Sony KD-55X8509C. The Android OS reboots each second time we power up the unit. Not every time. This is very strange. /Theis
  2. This is how it looks. No where to bind.
  3. Perhaps not, but I had C4 support to look into the problem. He claimed that it was the Sony driver that was missing the logical parameter.
  4. Yes I know. But there is nothing to bind. /Theis
  5. Any having the same problem as we have? We are trying to add HBO to the menu on a Neeo remote. When we issue the "Build App URI Map" command nothing happens. We are using the mini driver "BRAVIDA App Selector". We are getting this error, indicating that the driver is not connected to the TV, but we dont have the option to do so within the driver. ExecuteCommand(LUA_ACTION) LUA_ACTION.GetAppListFromTV() Trying to get TV Device ID but this App driver is not bound to the TV. GetAppListFromTV() failed, App driver may not be bound to the TV. Will the Synnetic driver help in this situation and where do I find it? /Theis
  6. Is this driver still in development? As many others, I have noticed that not all the functions of the Lanmote app is working on the newest android version. The Lanmote developer does not respond to posts on the app forum. Have you thought of using something else than Lanmote to make it work with the newest android version?
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