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  1. Hi, I cleaned up my NAS based music library over the last week and finished yesterday. My C4 Media scan is scheduled to run overnight and yet the C4 My Music results still show old content. As an example, I found that under artists I had R.E.M. and REM. This was because the contributing artist metadata for the tracks on the album “In time. The best of” was REM Yesterday I edited the meta data to make the contributing artist R.E.M. and checked the C4 library this morning and found the artist REM still existed and the Album “In time. The best of” Is still listed under it with th
  2. We recently installed a C4 door station intercom and security keypad for our external pedestrian gate. This works well from the internal C4 touch screen but what would really complete the functionality is the ability to converse with the person at the gate from my phone, if we are not home to decide if we want to let a delivery guy in or not. We have a C4 anywhere subscription so can do most everything else remotely. Why is this not possible and does anyone know when C4 will deliver this neccessary functionality?
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