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  1. Hey Guys, Hope everyone is staying safe out there .... Anyway, I picked up what I thought was a brand new Pakedge NK-1 WAP Controller to only find out it was used. There was slight cosmetic wear on the housing and the rubber "feet" were already installed. Today I went to install it and to my luck, no power LED. However, the LAN LED does illuminate and flutters. I'm unable to connect to the WAP Wizard via the IP Address so I'm wondering, is this unit dead (cause there's no power LED) or is the power LED burnt out (the unit is still good) because the LAN LED does illuminate and flu
  2. Has anyone tired Juniper switches? I'm leaning toward purchasing a Juniper ex4200. Any thoughts / feedback? https://www.juniper.net/uk/en/products-services/switching/ex-series/ex4200/
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