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  1. RC11

    FS - SR260

    207 , I’ll cover shipping ( lower 48 only )
  2. SR260 for sale - no cradle. Out of box, but never used after set up
  3. This actually leads into an integration request i planned on posting for a remote dealer / programmer I had a Napolean LN62 fireplace during my recent renovation. The original C4 dealer originally agreed upon handling the integration, but in the end said it could not be done. The Napolean model i purchased utilizes a Proflame 2 transmitter, after a little digging i found a potential way of making it work (I'm sure there are more elegant ways of accomplishing this, but i am an end user that is technologically challenged to put it mildly). This particular controller uses a 315 mhz signal, so i purchased a Broadlink Pro+ learning remote transmitter. Used the proflame 2 remote that came with the unit & 'learned' the on / off and + / - functions to the app. The app it uses is called ihc - now i have the ability to control the unit through my phone, but i am hoping to have a remote dealer incorporate this function into the actual Control4 program my house runs. It is also nice to have the +/- control. From my understanding the communication goes APP -> Wifi -> broadlink -> RF -> Fireplace. It's tucked into a nearby cabinet, so i was not left with any eyesores either Also, there are a few transmitters that use a dedicated app & bluetooth that some manufacturers are using now. I do not know much about it though Good luck with the fireplace - let me know how you end up solving the integration
  4. WTB: 1 possibly 2 - lightly used sr260 remotes
  5. Take with a grain of salt, because I’m not a professional. Double check the # of modules necessary & it’s a good idea to have space for future growth. My house is much smaller & I’m currently using twice as many modules ( partially due to the majority being 0-10, requiring relay and 0-10 modules for each load ) You may also need to add Bus Ethernet Gateway & Bus Power Supply. Good luck & make sure you have a good plan / map of the system.
  6. I recently installed a DTV + & would be interested in a driver as well. It seems pretty easy to access the interface remotely once you’re on the network, but take that with a grain of salt - I have absolutely no programming experience Kohler announced they would be coming out with an updated that included Alexa functionality, but I haven’t seen anything
  7. What’s new with centralized lighting in the update ?
  8. Want to buy - Wireless Switch with Faceplate C4-SW120277 Snow White Color & Faceplate Need rush delivery
  9. Mitch did an outstanding job, and I will work with him again down the road.
  10. From an actual customer stand point - I agree with the concerns about the lack of communication and support from the dealer driven model. To date my experience with the local dealer has been extremely disappointing. When researching different options for my home automation (C4, Savant, Crestron), this forum was an excellent source of information on the system. I went through Control4’s website, and found a ‘Authorized Diamond Dealer’ near me. The company was brought into the loop at an early stage. The first walk through happened while the framers were just putting up studs. The dealer was responsive at the beginning when selecting hardware options. From a scale side, I am sure it’s a smaller size project (around 1600 sq ft) for a dealer, but to give you an idea here is the equipment paid for and installed to date: - Panelized Lighting System – Consists of 2 x 5-Slot Panels (PAID) o 3 x 8 CH 0-10V Dimmer Modules (PAID) o 3 x 8 CH Relay Modules (PAID) o 2 x 8 CH ELV (PAID) o Bus Ethernet Gateway (PAID) o Corresponding Term Blocks Etc - EA 5 Controller (PAID) - Snap AV Watt Box IP+ WB-700-IPV-12 (PAID) - Snap AV FS Series 27U Floor Standing Rack System – SR-DS-SYSTEM-27U (PAID) - Araknis Networks 300 Series Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router (PAID) - Araknis 500 Series Indoor Access Point (PAID) - Araknis Networks 210 Series 8 Port Websmart Gigabit Switch with partial POE+ and rear ports (PAID) - Snap AV Luma Camera – 500 Series Outdoor Dome x 6 (PAID) - Luma Surveillance 500 Series 8 Channel NVR (PAID) - Also paid for labor and materials to have all the AV wiring to be ran before drywall was hung - C4 thermostat (PAID) The additional agreed upon items that I am about 6 weeks away from having installed are: - Paradigm in wall speakers x 8 - A few C4 remotes touch pad & sr260 - Paradigm monitor sub - Denon 7.2 CH HEOS Dolby Atmos Receiver - Paid for two Sony televisions - AVPro 18GBPs 4x4 Matrix w/ Dual Audio Deembeddin - Control 4 4-Zone Matrix Amplifier A few of the elements they claimed to have experience integrating and have now gone completely silent - Fireplace (Napolean Linear 62) - Kohler DTV+ - Blinds – the dealer has been provided with dimension'd prints and quantities multiple times for quotes The biggest concern I had going into this setup was the potential situation lack of support for the panelized lighting system would leave me in. Equipment cost aside, you are married to C4 once wires are ran (from my understanding of how it is setup) To put it delicately, the dealer dropped the ball. I spent hours researching how some C4 dealers map out the panelized system & the support provided to the electricians through visits & calls. In the end, the equipment was picked up by me, brought to the house & the electrician and myself worked together to figure it out. The only information provided to him was the instructions in the box along with a brief call. The ‘dealer’ focused model led to me completely mapping out the system, putting together spreadsheets to label loads, modules & corresponding locations from video examples posted by other dealers on youtube. Then the programming that they actually did do was an absolute mess & had to be COMPLETELY redone. At the end of the day Control4’s ‘Dealer Model’ literally just supplied hardware and a mess to clean up. When I say the programming needed to be COMPLETELY redone, that is in no way an exaggeration. Luckily, I saw that there are a few dealers that offer remote programming services through the forum. Honestly, this was my saving grace. I am not going to mention specifics, but anytime he needs a reference he has my stamp of approval. It took a couple days, but the system is sorted out for an extremely reasonable cost. Rather than chasing my dealer for months, the remote programmer responds within a couple hours. You can tell a person that has a passion for their craft. Honestly this isn’t an attempt to bash Control4, because I like the concept of the system. Working properly, it would be well worth the investment. However, getting stranded by your dealer is an absolute nightmare, and Control4 should be embarrassed that ‘diamond’ certified dealers handle customers like that. Being negative isn’t going to remedy this project, but I hope potential customers take these problems into account. This forum has been an extremely helpful tool for me, and the remote programmers deserve a cape.
  11. A few weeks away from finalizing inputs for my 4x4 video matrix. The local playback on this has me considering making a few changes. Originally thought Roku, cable, cable, but I haven’t spent too much time researching https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J6A6H74/?tag=uncrate-20 The new Link looks pretty cool too, I’m looking forward to seeing some creative ways to tie it in with C4 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0798DVZCY/?tag=uncrate-20
  12. Thanks for the help Mitch - excellent work
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