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  1. Sorry I cannot answer, but also looking for a Hikvision wizard. Our cameras straight-out stopped working. We were told by one of the techs who installed tham that it is because we had modems changed, so the IP address has to change. But He can't do it, not allowed to do biz with us as a result of the builder we hired not paying the low voltage company. I've tried to do the change, but it's not letting me unless I have user name & PW. The installers put that in, and I have no idea what it is. I am also unable to get acces to see the serial numbers. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Well, the bottom line is I got the Lighting programs to run, but there is still more to do that needs a C4 Dealer. Thanks
  3. Nope - other way around - Builder & Dealer have both been paid. Builder owes me a bunch.
  4. Actually, he did Not wire for audio.video, as we were not interested in that. All we needed was light control & Internet - the TV's are not connected - each has its own Xfinity box. Our installer is still working for the builder - they worked something out, because a year ago we ran into an employee of our Install company & he told me they weren't working for our builder anymore. But now they are. They have been friends since childhood. BUT - the builder actually TOLD the Low voltage co to stop working for us because we had a dispute. As I mentioned, so far no luck in getting a
  5. We have 2 Keypads (as shown in photo) that have lighting scenes programmed. Yesterday, they suddenly stopped working. One of the keypads shows red lights, the other one has nothing lit up at all. Our C4 was installed 2 1/2 years ago in a new house. I don't believe there have been any software upgrades installed. I'm not really sure why the builder chose C4, since the only thing it is controlling is our lights. It cannot control our door locks, our cameras, our door bell, our HVAC and we are not doing any audio or video - other than just a cable box from Comcast. The Installer will
  6. THat's only a part of it. The dealer, Integrated Home, in Florida, is non-responsive as well. I wonder how Control 4 can keep a company like this as an authorized rep.
  7. SO in other words, the time will be reset automatically without me having to do anything? Assuming Comcast comes back online after the outage?
  8. THANKS, but No idea how this is configured, and being accessible doesn't help me if I am not at home, does it? When I look on the app, I see nowhere to allow for setting the time. Likewise, I cannot find anything on the control box that would allow setting time. Maybe you can tell from the photo of the box if this is doable by me? And to show what I am up against with an installer who is AWOL, here's what the equipment cabinet he used looks like! I have a 24/7 Service contract. HA!
  9. We received a notice from the Electric company that our power will be shut off next week for several hours. We will not be home when this happens nor will we return for a month. Using C4 to control lights and shades. (We were supposed to have it control A/C and door locks but the installer installed incompatible devices). My dealer/installer is simply not responding to my inquiries, so asking here. WIll that outage disrupt my service? When it comes back, will it reset to the correct time, or will all my devices that are supposed to make it look like I am home be out of wha
  10. The dealer is blaming me for the crowding. He asked if I wanted a cabinet or a rack, and I said a CAbinet. How was I to know he'd be putting so much in there. And this is WITHOUT any phone connections - the modem he bought for me does not have phone capability. He told me to NOT use COmcast modem & router, but then COmcast could not install phone, so I have no phone in the house other than cellphones. NOT HAPPY!
  11. Just curious - does this look like a professional installation, with boxes showed into the cabinet, wires hanging, etc? I am so upset with my home integration system.
  12. I think it's my dealer. Doesn't want to be bothered?
  13. I don't get it. It seems that Z0wave devices SHOULD BE compatible, but when this guy tries it, he gives me some story about Z wave being difficult and it doesn't work consistently. Our HVAC system is also Z-wave, and the HVAC contractor said the Trane system should work with C4, but it usually doesn't.
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