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  1. Many thanks guys! I hope this will solve my annoying power series neo issue. Dear Dan, I wrote you a pm. Would you mind letting me know briefly what the next step would be? Cheers, cc
  2. Many Thanks, this is reassuring. Do you know whether this would work on an older controller like:C4-hc250-bl Home Automation System Controller. And do I really need a dealer or is composer pro available to end users as well so that I could install it myself?
  3. Dear ejn1, Dave w and other C4 Gurus, I'm new to C4 but have some experience with DSC neo and home automation. I would very much appreciate your view on a practical feature for C4 with DSC-power-series-neo: I understand that DSC neo can be integrated with an Control4 controller running Control4 OS version 2.6.0 and above, using this driver: https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&fq=manufacturer%3A"DSC" From what I read the C4 can then arm DSC neo in Stay mode. My main question is whether a C4 controller can be programmed to automatically arm the DSC in Stay mode at a given time of each day. Should this be the case, I wonder how the C4 controller can be programmed to this end, i.e. via the app, web interface or with a PC software. Do you also happen to know which C4 controllers (current and older models) can integrate the DSC neo? Any insights are very welcome! Many thanks, cc
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