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  1. Just discovered something odd with the RelayLight driver, it doesn't show up as a load in the Advanced Lighting Agent when setting up scenes. I'm not sure why that would happen as I thought any driver running through the light proxy would be available in advanced lighting. If you are struggling I will gladly take a look at your driver if you like and compare it against a couple i have written in the past.
  2. Brilliant! Works really well, thanks!
  3. Hey David, I am loving your drivers! Really awesome work! I have just setup the MQTT Bridge which is working great with my Sonoff devices and Mosquitto Broker running on a Raspberry Pi. Is the "KeepAlive Age" suppose to count up beyond 60 if no packet is received? I'm sure I saw it count up beyond 60 once but it now seems to reset to 0 when a KeepAlive packet is sent even if no response is received. I wanted to send a push notification to my phone via the C4 app if the C4 loses connection with the Broker. I was hoping to use the "KeepAlive" variable and send a message if KeepAlive > 300 for example. However when I watch debug the "KeepAlive Age" always resets to 0 after each "Keepalive Packet Sent" even if it doesn't receive a "KeepAlive Packet Received". Is this how you intended it?
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