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  1. Thanks. I'll leave things as they are then! 😃
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the insights. I will look up the make/model on the hardware and do research. The reason why I started looking into this is that sometimes when I tell Alexa to "turn on xyz lights," I get the response "xyz lights are not responding" but then after a few seconds, the lights come on. And this does not happen all the time, only 20-30% of the time. Other than that, C4 and KNX are playing quite nicely. I'm no networking expert, but my thought was that maybe multicast would fix the issue that I am experiencing.
  3. Thanks for the insights. Since I did not install the KNX modules in the home (they were installed by the previous owner), how do I figure out if the KNX gateway that I have is a "routing gateway?"
  4. Version 2.10.7 of the C4 app fixed the camera thumbnail loading issue for me. When 2.10.6 came out, the thumbnails would not load but if I clicked into an individual camera, it loaded up ok. Make sure you're on 2.10.7
  5. Hello: I have C4 and KNX talking to each other using the standard C4/KNX driver. Recently, C4 released a new version of their KNX driver that supports multicast. My question is that if I want to switch to this new driver, do I need to recreate all the connections, devices, etc. that I have right now or is there an easy way to drop in the new driver and "move things over?" Thanks, Jim
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