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  1. You guys are lifesavers. All is restored in my world. 🙏
  2. From the HC-800, Audio Out 1 goes to a Sony Amp and works fine. Audio Out 2 connects to the C4 Amp input 1. Both cables are good (swapped them to test and I get audio out of the C4 Amp). No audio is coming out of Audio Out 2 on the HC-800 to the C4 Amp. Nothing hardware related was touched until I just tested the connections. Nothing is new. Would the audio out go bad or not likely?
  3. In my haste contemplating 3.0, I upgraded 2.10.6, Build 557874 to version: Now my Control4 16-AMP3-B won't play music in any room. Volume is there and source selected is activated but no sound. I tried pulling the plug and even tried loading previous backup files but still on and no sound. Call me idiot.
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