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  1. If I got this right, it only works when you send text through C4 composer somehow? First time I hear of programming command with a text paramater, I looked up programming on android device driver and I don't see any option for text. Feel like I'm missing something here, do you mean sending it from LUA tab on mini apps?
  2. Also have a WyreStorm HDMI Series Matrix with 4 inputs and 4 outputs
  3. I have IRUSB plugged into Mi Box. Could you explain how it usually goes when using the feature? Does keyboard open inside control4 app or?
  4. Selling barely used UHD 4K 6x6 AV Matrix. Waiting for offers. 2x - C4-LU1 4X - C4-LU1-E Located: Croatia, Europe
  5. 1x HC200-E-B 1x HC250-BL Also have a HC-1000 that needs a new power supply. Location: Croatia, Europe Let me know if you're interested
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