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  1. I have UniFi cameras but 9 out of 10 times I’d always use UniFi over Control4 to view them. Control4 can only show live video and per camera, not all at once, it can’t show anything from the NVR. However sometimes I just want to view a single camera on a touchscreen or TV and C4 works great.
  2. I’m just using DS2 Mini as didn’t see the need for the keypad. Also if you have multiroom audio that’s a huge advantage of this solution as you can ping the speakers. Honestly no idea, just worked out which 2 cables were the relay and wired them into my EA5.
  3. You could actually use the relay on the back of the DS2 to achieve this instead of the IO extender if you can get a cable run. I didn’t as I had a spare Cat6 running to my gate from my rack and that was easier to connect to the relay than chase in an addition cable between the DS2 and the gate. Once the relay is connected you can then set this up as a custom button so when the DS2 rings and you answer you can open from one screen, which is way better experience to the multiple apps (nest and digiGate) I was using before. I also have a gate button on my Neeo remo
  4. Now I have all my square keypads installed I’m interested to know what people’s preference is on the status LEDS? I’ve got my backlights set up how I like them but unsure what to do on the status LEDs
  5. I checked the notes online and looks like the merged app is coming in November so maybe the next release not the update from today?
  6. Thanks!! With a lot of frustration and moving I’ve managed to get them all sorted... now to take them all off again when I get engraved
  7. I'm really stuck here... trying to clip the faceplates in and they only clip on if I loosen the keypad screws a bunch but doing so then makes the whole switch not secure / flush to the back box... Old house (17th century) so i've had to surface mount but that shouldn't make a difference as it'a a standard UK back box.... Any ideas welcome? This is 1 of 15+
  8. Triad one saves you having to cable all the way back to the main rack, if you’re looking for audio only for music and announcements etc. We have a bunch of the micro se speakers from gallo acoustic and I would highly recommend as a great small speaker.
  9. I believe if you speak to your dealer they sell a module for it which enables z-wave / c4 integration
  10. Just upgraded and the history icon is showing for me on my DS2 mini
  11. Thanks! Absolutely correct, plastic bit stays on and the faceplate holds them in. Thank you.
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