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  1. Hi! I have the Protect Blackwire driver installed but i'm just getting no video feed and not entirely sure where I am going wrong... The top section I have used my NVR IP address and local login details - the NRV is the new protect 4 bay NVR. The bottom section I have used. the RTSP details as per the instructions, but no luck? If I navigate to the RTSP URL in a web browser it streams fine so seems to be something wrong with my C4 integration? If I navigate to the RTSP
  2. Is there any coloration between dealer of record and composer. Ie if I’m registered with 1 dealer but have a friendly online dealer who can make a few changes, do I have to change the dealer of record or can he just make the changes in composer and I keep my local dealer? Other than looking at the project, would my dealer know?
  3. Are you able to zone native with heos? Or is that a limitation? I did look at Triad Ones but I can run cable so the amplification isn’t the challenge, more if I can only really use sound bars in the TV rooms is there any decent passive ones for Triad or do I just go heos / Bluesound
  4. Thanks for the feedback @Cyknight @msgreenf @eggzlot I really appreciate it. With either heos or bluesound what are the downsides vs native triad? Can you zone them with triad or should have entire system as one or the other? How does the UI experience work, I assume you have to click “listen” and then “bluesound” and then stream? Thanks for your help 🙏
  5. Hi All, This is my first post so please be easy! I am doing a full control 4 kit out of my new house, the house is not a renovation project or new build it’s a 17h century building so although I can run cables, in ceiling speakers or in wall speakers are a no go. Here lies my dilemma, I am selling all my Sonos kit as I really don’t want a “2 app” system and I’m struggling to work out what to do with audio. If I can’t install ceiling speakers or wall speakers, then I’m left with wall mounted speakers or wall mounted sound bars. One dealer has recommended Bluesound and looking into the integration, it seems almost seamless and wouldn’t require 2 apps however it still isn’t perfect native triad. So the other alternative I can think off is passive sound bars - does anyone have experience with these (Triad of other hopefully cheaper versions) and are they any good? Or I do on wall speakers for the rooms which don’t have TVs, that makes sense, but again what do I do with the rooms on TVs? Or is there another active sound bar brand like Bluesound which doesn’t need a 2nd app to control etc. Any ideas welcome :)
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