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  1. Phillips Hue works well. If you already have the lighting try the plugs, we use them in our house to automate everything from heated blankets to the Christmas tree!
  2. I added viewport to my system last week. I used a free camera icon which worked great.
  3. My gate we use the following; DS2 mini - intercom / audio / video Simple relay connection all the way back to my EA5 (I had a spare Cat6) Then C4 and Intercom Anywhere can trigger the gate to open, close is on a timer
  4. Any decent CCTV/Unifi Icons? Adding a Unifi Viewport to my video matrix and we're looking for a good icon to use in the watch menu...
  5. Any reason why my volume would be very quiet on video instead of music? IE in any room if i'm on 50% volume with Music, it's pretty good listening volume, 80% plus is party! Video (Sky or Apple TV) has to be on 70%+ to listen and quite often 85%+. Is there any kind of volume control on the matrix or devices? C4 6x6 Video Matrix with downmixing Triad 8x8 Triad 8 amp Surround sound amp for living room
  6. Thanks! I’ve heard good things about those cables. I don’t have any spare outputs on my matrix. Awesome! Thanks.
  7. I am thinking of adding a couple of gallo profile subs to a few rooms where I have gallo speakers, to make them 2.1 rooms. They’re active subs so is the best bet to y split them from the triad audio matrix and send a feed to the sub and then the original feed to the triad amps? Is there cable limits on running long RCAs? I obviously have speakers in those rooms so they’re within usual speaker cable distance. Any advice or tips greatly appreciated.
  8. After upgrading to 3.2.1 this has resolved the issue.
  9. So I have the 8 zone audio matrix and 8 zone amplifier, both are the latest triad versions. These are being fed their streams via my EA5 controller with 4 (2 analog and 2 digital) connections. If you can’t wire to every location then Triad One is awesome and just like a Sonos Amp has built in stream.
  10. Definitely worse in my opinion. I ripped all my Sonos out and replaced with native C4.
  11. Don't need IP on the Apple Bridge / Apple TV driver... Thanks have checked and no updates, both been fine on latest version. Apple Bridge
  12. Should mention IP control and we’ve been through the steeps in the C4 app to add to HomeKit again etc
  13. All working fine last night, now this morning I can no longer control Apple TV any ideas? Apple TV is working fine, image is fine, have re-added but still have same problem, no control on app or via remote controls. Using Apple TV app is fine.
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