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  1. Following up on my own question. Control4 tech support says this is a known issue/desired feature and they are hoping to address it in a future release. As of 04/12/2021 the current versions of the system can't solve the problem of how to synch a local source to other audio outputs over the network.
  2. Thanks for the feedback but I'm not sure we're getting to the root of the problem. I'll try one more time for the community then punt. I have the same issue with a wifi based triad and an ethernet hardwired one (which would presumably have quite different network delay characteristics). Using standard internet data rate tests my network is north or 100Mb/sec down and 30Mb/s up. I stream video all over the place with no issues. Maybe inside the network things are different but this is a routine setup and it's going to be hard to convince me that I need a faster network not to have a 2
  3. The Yamaha issues are a secondary concern. What I need most is to sync the Triads. Can you explain how to do that? I have ComposerHE, can it be done in there? I see an action to "Sync Rooms" for the Triads but that didn't seem to fix things. Also, now that I executed "Sync Source Between Rooms" how do I unsync them? If I switch sources in one room it switches the other (as advertised) and I can't see how to undo it. Thanks for the help
  4. I probably didn't explain this well enough, but basically the Yamahas are behind the Triad (let's call this Triad A) in time. I have another Triad in another room, let's call this Triad B. If I have a turntable connected to Triad A and it's playing out its local speakers, it is ahead of the rest of the system (the Yamahas and the other Triad). Yes, those other devices have to get the audio over the network then convert it back to analog to put it out to the speakers, so it makes sense that it can't keep up (since Triad A is basically "hardwired" in for the local source and out to its local s
  5. Dear Forum I have a C4-EA3-V2 system connected with multiple networked Yamaha audio amps. The Yamahas handle all my AV and audio streaming throughout the house just fine. I also have an audiophile in my house who loves his tube amp setup that's in a remote location. We've integrated that using a Triad One. The problem is the delay between what comes out the speakers that are local to the remote amp, and all the other zones in the house (after it runs into the Triad One and the network). This can't be an issue that's unique to us. Any suggestions? Thanks Just learning
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