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  1. They did not transfer the account. and thanks for the tips istreich, i will definitely do some searching and reach out to a few remote programmers.
  2. They were using a verizon fios router, i am also doing the same, but it is not their router, they returned theirs and I just got a new Verizon fios router. In terms of equipment, c3-16amp3-b; C4-hc800-bl-1; c4-hc250-bl-1a Thanks
  3. I just moved into a home that has a c4 setup, mainly for whole house audio. The seller had the unit playing audio throughout the house when i was there just a few weeks ago, but when i turned on the unit today (just got my fios internet setup), i went over to the control 4 touchpad and all i see is add a system or network settings? Do i need to get a dealer involved? For now, I am not looking to expand the system, just want to run it like it was a few weeks ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will look up the model numbers and post them tomorrow. There is a controller and a mult
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