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  1. The default "ubnt / ubnt" seemed to work for me. After turning on SNMP in UniFi I was then able to use the pre-filled login on my UniFi devices. I can see port information, but no control over them. Appears to be for monitoring purposes only.
  2. I've recently come to learn that there used to be a ping driver in the C4 database, which I can't seem to find. Does anyone know where I can get this, or a good 3rd party one? The one on Chowmain appears defunct, or at least on OS 3. I have a project where the Bus Ethernet Gateways struggle to come back online after a power outage, or even a blip. A simple reboot of the controller fixes it, but I'd really like to have a ping driver that I can use in programming to try and automate the reboot in those circumstances. Thanks all!
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