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  1. Mine works exactly as you describe it, actually while I was reading it I started to complain about the same thing you mention, haha... Yes, it should be like a phone call, but it looks like it doesn't work that way for Android users. Can you tell me which router are you using?
  2. I have the Control4 C4-VDB-E-SN Chime Video Doorbell, PoE and my phone is a Galaxy S21 with the Control4 app version 321.32.07 and it is "working fine", I can answer the doorbell with two-way audio communication. The quotes are because I'm having problems with the Mesh Network Router wish is a Linksys AX4200 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (this is a different story).
  3. I've just installed Control4 system at home and I was certain that Linksys Velop was going to work just fine, but so far the company in charge of the installation is having problems making it work all together because aparently the Linsys Velop router doesn't work well right out of the box. The cameras had to be installed directly to the switch because the VLAN never worked and the Control4 Chime sometimes sends push notifications to our phones and sometimes it doesn't. Also we had experiences were the Nest thermostast disconnects from Control4 app.
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