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Ver 2.1 and popup images


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Does anyone know how to make a URL image pop up on the touch screens using ver2.1 ?

It appears the built in pop-up programing feature is not compatible with version 2.xx.

When the code is activated on the touch screens, a blank screen pops up with the "ok" button, but the images will not show up. (The images will not show up under security-> cameras.)

Any ideas or work-arounds ?


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Bump..... Any 2.1 users or dealers try to use image popups ? Does it work with 2.1 ?

Sorry MSI, I didn't get a chance to try and won't be home again until late Sunday. If I remember I'll try it then.

I'm certain it works though...I have instances where that happens, but they aren't very frequently used...I can't remember if I've tried since the 2.1 update. I can tell you that I haven't noticed it NOT working.

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